Leanne Choo and Gronya Somerville triumphs at Oceania

In February, nineteen-year-old Gronya Somerville won the 2015 Oceania Championships women's doubles with former Olympian Leanne Choo

Two of the best badminton doubles players in the country do not guarantee a top combination but Somerville and Choo have proven their compatibility by reaching a final at their first BWF tournament together, the 2014 Auckland International, and on their third outing they've gone one better to become champions -- in Auckland as well.

Thus, Somerville has illustrated another aspect of being a true doubles player which is being able to engage quickly and find success with a different partner.

So far she's earned a career-best world ranking of number 43 with Jacqueline Guan during 2014. Somerville has been honing her craft and accumulating a variety of experiences including having competed at the World Championships in mixed doubles against former World Champions Kamilla Rytter Juhl as well as shining for Australia at the Uber Cup.

Now paired with Choo, whose highest world ranking was 26, it appears well within their abilities to surpass both their current career highlights.

Leanne Choo, who will turn twenty-four years old in the same month as this year's Australian Open, brings to this new partnership the qualities of an all-round player. The South Australian Choo, like Somerville, is just as comfortable competing at mixed doubles so both can no doubt depend on one another's lack of fear to defend against big smashes from being used to returning men's shots. Furthermore, Choo's experience and added dimension of having been ranked within the world's top 100 singles players can only serve to benefit in terms of how to effectively pace a match.

Somerville/Choo together already possess a hallmark of effective doubles pairings which is a right-hander plus a left-hander. This can be a distinct advantage at crucial stages of a match once they polish their combination and strategy further.