2016 Qualification - Morning Session - No Internationals Got Past

"Not quite everything but I tried out most of things I wanted to do", said Canberrian Anthony Joe after advancing past Cham Chen on NSW.


Joe, the favoured player, prevailed but not without a temporary resurgence from Chen at the beginning of the second game, 21-10, 21-13.
Both Sydneysiders Pit Seng Low and Lucas Defolky went into their singles match with a fair idea how each other plays. Delfolky's assessment of his opponent was, "He made more unforced errors than I was expecting."
It should've been more even but Indonesian-born Delfolky pretty much out-relaxed Low to the tune of 21-11, 21-10. It's a useful example for Low because this style of singles player is common enough and he'll hopefully know how to handle similar cases in the future. 
Tiffany Ho and Simon Leung snuffed out the overseas challengers from Pakistan and New Caledonia respectively in earlier matches.