Line judge training commences

Line judge training for the 2015 The Star Australian Badminton Open kicked off in March.

"Line judges are volunteers who donate their time but being technical officials who operate in the field of play, they require specific skills and hence need to be responsibly trained," said Kate Tan, the Line Judge Coordinator of this Superseries level tournament happening in Sydney.

Training was conducted by BWF referee Yogen Bhatnagar who led the team through on-court presentation and etiquette as well as explained the significance surrounding the quality and accuracy of the line calls they would be making.

A large number of line judges from 2014 are volunteering again this year such as Ian Fernandez. "Being a line judge volunteer helps me to understand the game better. Also, I make friends with people who encourage me to be better and I get the opportunity to be trained by a world-class referee. I absolutely love it."

Positions for line judging are still available. Interested parties, please contact Kate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.